About the collection

The Woodhams Stone Collection holds thousands of receipts and invoices relating to local businesses, including some fantastic decorative bill heads. The majority of these date from the 1890s to the 1960s. There are also posters for social events, dances, theatre productions, sales and auctions. A number of newspapers are represented including the Malton Messenger and the Norton Chronicle.

A selection of these items are shown here. The full collection is available to view by appointment.



The towns had many drapers

Fitch & Co

[MALWS:2015.1252.15] The Fitch business premises once domintated the Market-place in Malton. Not only were they general drapers, but they also supplied bedding, carpets and other floor coverings, house furniture and handled house removals. The invoice here is for their services in 'funeral furnishing'. They also had a branch at Pickering. A glance in the 1881/1891 censuses will show that the business was a major employer in Malton. After the death of Mr. Fitch (1895) the business passed into the hands of Messrs. Hedley, Swan, and Co., who had a large establishment at Sunderland, and then Messrs. Marwood Brothers around 1899. [MALWS: 2015.1252.3]


[MALWS: 2015.757.58]

Outfitters & Milliners

Charles Galtry

[MALWS: 2015.766.10] Messrs. Galtry's shop in Wheelgate was occupied by Mr. George Barnby, the proprietor of the then 'Malton Gazette,' who also had a licence to sell stamps. [MALWS: 2015.766.10]

Hornsey & Wood

Galtry's Bag c1920

One of Mr Galtry's bags [MALWS.2015.766.1]

Chemists & Druggists

Wray & Thompson 1922

[MALWS.2015.770.3] This was a wide ranging business dispensing human and veterinary prescriptions, supplying photographic materials and manufacturing mineral water! They succeeded to the premises (and likely the businesses) at the bottom of Wheelgate of Messrs Wrangham and Hardy. [MALWS: 2015.770.3]

Builders & Decorators

Thomas Whitwell

Motors & Cycles

Bowers Motor Exchange 1902

Food & Drink

Wilkinson & Son 1930

Mr William Wilkinson commenced this business and was based in premises just behind Wheelgate and probably backing onto where the library is now in St. Michael's street. He was also one of the 'Malton Curlers' who won the cup in the International Bonspiel at Kandersteg, Switzerland in 1907. His son Ernest succeeded in the business.

Tradesmen etc

Edward Leefe


Thomas Baker