Malton Postcards

About the collection

The vast majority of postcards within the Woodhams Stone Collection are of Malton and Old Malton. They date from around 1900 to 2000’s. These include the main shopping thoroughfares and street scenes, churches, schools, river scenes, the railway and events.

A selection of the postcards is shown here. The full range is available to view by appointment.



This is one of the main streets in Malton. Starting at the Butcher Corner it runs north in the direction of the ‘Street Villages’, Hovingham and Helmsley.

Wheelgate (1)

Looking north from near the Butcher Corner. Not many people about. [MALWS2018.1343]


Many of Malton’s grander buildings are in Yorkersgate. For those coming from York by road it is the point of entry to the town.

Yorkersgate (1)

Taken from near the Butcher Corner looking west. [MALWS2018.123]


Market-place - Lower side

This side of the Market-place was dominated by Messrs. Fitch, drapers etc. [MALWS2017.663.4]

Cattle Market

Cattle Market


Old Maltongate

Old Maltongate




A good street action scene when an essential daily task was fetching water from the nearest pump. [MALWS2016.482.4]

Butcher Corner

Butcher Corner


Monuments etc

Sebastopol Cannon

Captured at Sebastopol this was a gift to the town organised by Major-General Norcliffe of Langton Hall. In 1859 it was initially placed in the lower Market-place. By 1879 it had been moved to the western end of Yorkersgate, at some point later it shared the same plot as the War Memorial. [MALWS2018.377]