Social History

About the collection

There are approximately 7000 objects in the Social History collection.  The date range of the objects is from around 1880 to 1960.

There is a good selection of cooking items, household heating, cleaning and laundry. There are also tools for certain trades, like joinery, butchery and coopering. Gardening, farming hand tools and animal husbandry are well represented. Sewing and needlecraft items and some clothing have been collected. There are also items relating to specific local businesses, these include Russell’s and Roses’s breweries, some of the tailor’s shops, chemists, seed merchants, grocers etc.

A selection of the Social History collection is shown here. The full collection is available to view by appointment.

Top Hat from Galtry's Malton

Around the Home

Butter Making Items

Enamel Kitchenware

Until late-Victorian times cooking was generally in earthenware pots or cast iron pans. Processes for covering metal with enamel were developed and in later times such utensils became affordable. Our examples are probably 20th century.


Bower Memorial School - Certificate of Attendance

The Bower Memorial National School opened on May 26, 1873. It was dedicated to the memory of Robert Bower of Welham. It had three rooms, boys, girls and infants with total accommodation for 600 children. At the end of December 1907 it became the Norton Council School [MALWS.2016.1553]

Greengate School, Malton

This was originally a Wesleyan School with origins in Saville street. The school became a general primary school in the early 1900s. [MALWS.2018.1843]

Malton Grammar School

Archbishop Holgate of York founded this school in 1547! Originally it was in Old Malton before moving over 350 years later in 1911 to the Middlecave area of Malton. Educational re-organisation saw it merge with the County Modern school in 1971. [MALWS.2018.803]

Programme Marking the Opening of New Buildings


Malton Wesleyan Day School - Christmas Card

James Sadler was a schoolmaster at the Wesleyan school. He can be traced through the censuses 1881 to 1911. He is described in the 1911 Census as 'Head Teacher' His father, also James, was master of the Uppleby Workhouse - see 1871 Census. [MALWS.2016.1558]

St. Michael's School Hockey Team

This was a private girls school on The Mount in Malton. It later became The Mount Hotel. [MALWS.2018.804]

Personal Grooming & Accessories

Shaving Items

The Woodhams Stone Collection includes everything an Edwardian gentleman would need to shave. A cut-throat razor with strop for keeping it sharp. A shaving brush and soap stick. We also have an early safety razor in case with space for razor blades!

Hair Accessories


Victorian and Edwardian times brought enormous changes. The quest for knowledge and compulsory education encouraged reading. A deeper understanding of the eye helped improve the general standard of the public's eyesight - usually through the prescription of spectacles.


Smoking Accessories

Amateur Entertainment

The people of Malton and Norton have always been keen to entertain themselves. Over the years there have been pantomimes, theatrical productions and the like.

The Trinity Male Voice Choir - 1940s

Pictured left to right: Jim Thorpe, Walter Dobson, NJ Anderson, Claude Kirby, Lilian Anderson, ? Smith, Gordon Smith, Fred Spink, Jack Jefferson, Sid Dennis, ? Redpath, Carrie Anderson, ? Hawes [MALWS.2017.603]

Checkers - Norton Bethel Methodist Church - 1933/34?

Possible names left to right: Reg Matthew, Vera Redpath, Cyril Matthew, ?, Ron Humble, Ivy Jefferson, Fred Dennis, Mary Plummer, Mary Arnott, Bill Arnott [MALWS.2017.716.4]


[MALWS.2018.1061.1] These young ladies appeared in a Malton pantomime and from left to right are: Vivian Warwick, Jane Cass, Angela Stolting, Pam Hildreth and Sally Brewster