Here you will find information centred on specific items in the Woodhams Stone Collection (for example the Medicine Cabinet featured below), themes running through the collection which unite a number of items (for example Breweries) or information about businesses which have been prominent in Malton or Norton and the people behind them.

Much of this information has been researched to support exhibitions we have run in recent years.

Medicine Cabinet. This large medicine cabinet has recently been added to the Woodhams-Stone Collection. While its exact history is not known, it appears to have retained most of its original contents. It has also had some wonderful extra items added to it including an enema kit and a glass nipple shield. It probably dates to about 1900. Read more about this fascinating item here.

Brewing Industry. Brewing has been an important part of life in Malton for generations. Both the main breweries, Russells and Rose’s, met their ends with mergers and buy outs in the mid to late 20th century. Vivid memories remain of the brewery buildings on Castlegate. Read brief histories of our breweries and learn about the range of artefacts the Woodhams Stone Collection has here.

Pop! Aerated water and carbonated drinks were made in Malton and Norton in Victorian times by a number of manufacturers. It was originally thought that carbonated drinks had medicinal benefit and so early involvement in this business included chemists in the towns. Read more here.